Mindful Masturbation

by Mistress Daphne

Mindful Masturbation

“Mindfulness” is the concept where one stays in-the-moment, allowing thoughts to flow through and out of your mind as you remain focused on the task at hand, whether it is repeating a mantra or feeling the earth under your feet. I could talk endlessly about Mindfulness Meditation (have studied extensively), but we can leave that for another time.

Here, I shall lead you on a Guided Masturbation Session that incorporates Mindfulness. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Daphne@EnchantrixEmpire.com.

Physical Preparation

Find a comfortable position… sitting with feet on the floor, resting your back against the headboard of the bed or even lying on your back… all are perfect positions. It is best to be naked, fresh from a shower is awesome… or right before going to sleep… you find the time that is best for you. Some find meditation invigorating, others, the perfect before bed ritual.

Turn your phone on silent if possible. Gentle music in the background is fine, but please no televisions or music with commercials.

When you are ready, let’s begin


As you rest in the position you are in, feel the surface you are sitting or lying on. Feel the contact between you and the inanimate object.

Then take your focus onto your cock. Is it resting quietly? Semi-aroused? Already erect? Enjoy the sensation for a few moments.

Visualize the blood supply of your body feeding your cock, awakening it for your pleasure. “See” those veins and arteries sending the red rivulets to your penis, bringing it to life.

Purposefully, lift your dominant hand and slowly move it to the space over your cock. Let it hover there for a moment before lowering it slowly, opening your hand, your fingers apart… and then, very slowly, wrap your hand around the shaft of your dick… let one finger at a time close around it. Squeeze gently, then more firmly, then a wonderfully firm pressure from your closed hand.


While your hand surrounds the shaft, pause for a moment or two. Then make an upward movement with your full hand. Slow, controlled. Once at the zenith, stop for another moment before lowering your hand again.

Feel your hand touching your cock… the pressure, the body heat… then the motions of your hand as you move it up and down.

Even as your hand begins to move faster, stay attuned to the connection of the flesh of both body parts. BE with your cock.


As you become more and more aroused, it can be easy to slip into the mental familiarity of fantasies and scenarios. Being Mindful and Meditative requires allowing these common thoughts to slip in, and out again, without entertaining them in your typical sense. No judgment of their appearance or if they linger despite your wanting them to part. Just be with them.

There are many ways to allow the thoughts to flutter in and out of your thought processes. The one I find the easiest is to visualize my mind as the sky… a beautiful deep blue and purple sky (you pick the colors that would work for you). I have orange-pink fluffy clouds, but those are definitely feminine. You might have contrails from airplanes or some other imaginary creation in your sky… or your forest or even garage.

No matter what you visualize, feel your hand as it pleasures your penis, and allow the energy to flow through your balls, too. Take note of each sensation as it spreads through your genitals; welcome the moment by moment changes.

While you know your body well, know when you are nearing orgasm, slow things down some, enjoy being aroused, leaving the orgasm to the future while you focus on the here and now. You might choose to edge, then loosen your grip on your cock slightly, letting the height lower gently, then beginning again, building, peaking, holding, lowering.


Interestingly, some men choose not to orgasm when they are meditating in a Mindful manner; you may do whatever the moment leads you to do.

Flowing with the connection between hand and cock, skin on skin, “seeing” the blood coursing through your body, nudging the orgasm along.

If you do choose to cum, again, stay right there with every thrust of semen, either watching the ropes loose themselves or close your eyes and just feel the ejaculation as it leaves your body and follow through as it recedes.









After you have had your orgasm, stay still and quiet for as many minutes as possible. Once again, feel the surface you are laying or sitting upon, reconnect with your surroundings and move slowly rejoining the fast-paced life you most assuredly have.

As you move through your work week or doing what might seem mundane in life, remember the exercise to sense your surroundings, be with your Self… and plan for your next Mindful Masturbation session.