Addicted to dick? You’ve come to the right place. These affirmations will make your addiction a reality, and isn’t that what you really want deep down? Before you start make sure to have your favorite dildo handy, two would be even better. Get ready to seductive lick and suck as you begin. Make sure to stand in front of a mirror so that you can work on correcting your cock sucking technique. Now let’s begin:


I love to suck cock.

Sucking cock makes me feel happy.

I dream of cock all night.

I daydream about cock every hour on the hour.

I am only happy when I am down on my knees.

I love to be told that I’m a cock-sucking faggot.

When a guy bitch slaps me with his dick it makes me hard.

Sucking cock is the only way I can get hard now.

I don’t measure up as a man so I need to suck cock.

I love to suck cock for my Mistress.

It turns me on to be her cock-sucking bitch.

Cock is all I desire.

It’s true: I’m ad-dick-ted to dick.


Mistress Audrey


Very good! Now read through the affirmations again but this time make sure to sit on your dildo and bounce up and down as you read! If you require more instruction make sure to arrange a call with me so I can take you to the next level.