Sissy Affirmation

Mistress Hunter

Mistress Hunter

Today is going to be a really, really good day!
Today, I abandon my masculine habits and take up new, more feminine ones.
Today, I will listen to my happy, feminine feelings.
I now free myself from destructive feelings and doubts.
All the femininity that I seek to express is already within me.
My feminine side is becoming stronger, deeper, more prevalent every day.
Feminine energy surges through me and leads me further down my desired path.
I feel glorious, dynamic energy. I am active and alive.
I am at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen.
I feel pretty and feminine.
I am pretty and feminine.
All is well.

For the duration of this assignment, you will need to wear panties under your regular clothes every day- if you aren’t doing so already. You will also need lipstick or colored lip gloss, preferably a pretty pink or a cocksucker red shade.  You should already be wearing the panties so right before saying the affirmation, apply lipstick.  If possible, dress fully in feminine attire, but if that isn’t possible, try wearing a camisole or bra and panties, and at the very least, wear panties.  If panties are the only feminine attire you are wearing, you’ll need to strip down to just your panties for the assignment.

This affirmation should be part of your morning routine every day.  Stand in front of the mirror in your panties or other feminine attire and your pretty lipstick.  Look at yourself and using your best feminine voice, chant the above mantra a minimum of 5 times.  Ten times is preferable.

In order for this to work, in addition to saying your affirmations, each day, you must do something that makes you more feminine than the previous day.  Paint your toenails pink, paint clear polish on your fingernails, purchase and use a tinted moisturizer, wear stockings or pantyhose under your regular clothes, etc.

This is exactly what you need to help you unleash the sissy that has been hiding inside you.. time to get girlie!