Ms Lilith

I will NOT cum!

Unless i want some…

cum in my mouth, so hot and sweet

Because that is the requirement that I must meet

To please my Mistress, it can’t be beat!

My cum in my mouth

Oh how it is such a treat!

These are the words I will tell myself..

Day by day

For if I don’t, here are the words that my Mistress will say

If I don’t eat my cum, no cumming for me today!

If I want to cum for Mistress, this is the only way!

For this stroking assignment, you will be edging your cock repeatedly for me while reciting the above affirmation. It is also recommended that you tease your cock until it is dripping with precum. Precum makes a wonderful lube. I love it when it is wet and slippery, and you will too, trust me.

You will start out by gripping your hard cock in your hand and with your fingertips, you will rub the head of your cock softly. Caress the head softly and slowly, rubbing around all of that pre-cum.

Get it nice and wet for me, and then slowly start stroking your cock.

As you are stroking your cock, I want you to rub the head with the palm of your other hand in a circular motion. It feels good, doesn’t it? Alternate between doing this, and squeezing the head. I want you to gradually stroke faster, as fast as you can stand it *without cumming* …all the way to the edge, and you will  repeat this 15 times.

Yes, I said you will edge that cock 15 times for me. *giggles*.

Do you Really want to cum now? You know what you have to do to earn that orgasm! It is quite will stroke hard, and shoot your cum all over the palm of your hand, and then you will lick it All up!

Call me, and tell me how good your own cum tasted 😉

-Ms Lilith