Masturbation is healthy and normal. Exploring our bodies is human nature, we all do it but some of us do it a little better than others.

No need to grab and jerk your cock so fast for a quick release to satisfy your urges. You need to stroke your cock with control and purpose. Stroking your cock for me, giving that control to me will help you perfect your masturbation skills. You will have more intense orgasms and soon understand what I am talking about here.

I am going to list a few affirmations to help you focus during your jerk off session. Following the affirmations will be a few instructions on how to make your session last a bit longer. Let’s call it masturbation training.


Affirmations while Masturbating


  1. Stroking my cock is better when doing it for Goddess Madison
  2. Stroking my cock is good for me and Pleases Goddess Madison
  3. I need to stroke my cock for Goddess Madison
  4. I have to stroke my cock for Goddess Madison
  5. I MUST stroke my cock for Goddess Madison
  6. I love stroking my cock for Goddess Madison
  7. Goddess Madison is proud of me stroking my cock for her
  8. My hard cock is for Goddess Madison
  9. My full balls are for Goddess Madison
  10. I want to orgasm for Goddess Madison
  11. I need to orgasm for Goddess Madison
  12. I have to orgasm for Goddess Madison
  13. I MUST orgasm for Goddess Madison
  14. I love to orgasm for Goddess Madison
  15. Goddess Madison is proud of me having an orgasm for her


Repeating these affirmations will give you purpose during your masturbation session. Having a purpose to masturbate (other than the obvious) will give you a more enjoyable orgasm. Even a more intense orgasm. Achieving that intense orgasm isn’t always just a physical thing but can be an emotional experience as well.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy your journey to a more meaningful orgasm. Along with repeating the affirmations above.

  • Get your items ready, lube, towel/tissue, or any toys you like to use during your private time.
  • Find a quiet place to lie down and get comfortable.
  • Start slowly, don’t grab and jerk it for a quickie. Start slowly stroking your cock and once you get fully erect take you will take your fingertip (and just the fingertip) and lightly and slowly start stroking just the underside of your cock. Trust me if done correctly you will love the teasing pleasure your fingertip will bring to your cock.
  • Don’t forget to say your affirmations while doing this.
  • If you have had enough teasing, go ahead and grab your cock and start stroking it for me. Stroke it slowly up and down, maybe even giving the tip a little firm squeeze every now and then.
  • At this time during your masturbation session, I am pretty sure your cock is feeling amazing, and you want to release but just hold out a little longer for me.
  • Keep saying those affirmations
  • Now let’s pick up the pace, stroke a little faster for me, thrust those hips upward into your hand, squeeze that hand firmly on your hard throbbing cock.
  • Now would be a good time to repeat the orgasm affirmations. Think how proud I am of you stroking your cock to orgasm for me! Goddess Madison.
  • Faster now, concentrate, feel that cum rising from your balls (for me) you are almost there, that’s it.
  • Now release and enjoy the bliss, slow down and breathe. If you don’t have to clean up right away, just lay there and relax, you’ve earned it.


As you keep repeating the affirmations and practicing the tips/tricks you will build up your masturbation endurance. Practice makes perfect is what I always say. With time you should be able to hold out a little longer and have better orgasms.

There should be no reason to rush pleasuring yourself. When you masturbate, it should be enjoyable and exciting. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I have alone time with my toys and pillows.

Everyone and anyone can masturbate but now you can masturbate with a purpose and that purpose is me.

Masturbation Domination Goddess Madison