Humiliation whores, you know who you are. Your woman can’t make you hard, but me laughing at your pathetic little dick makes it rock hard.

Repeat after me:

I am a little humiliation whore.

~ Stroke your pathetic cock and watch it grow as you repeat these affirmations. ~

I love when beautiful girls laugh at me and call me pathetic.

~ Don’t go too fast, let the affirmations sink in and stroke slowly in time to the affirmations ~

I need to be embarrassed and have you tell your friends all about me.

My pencil dick gets so hard when you laugh at me in front of others.

~ Now your dick should be getting harder. Start to pick up a little speed. ~

I’m a small dick loser who will never please a woman in a truly satisfying way.

I need to be humiliated because I’m a panty-wearing loser

Treat me like shit, I deserve it.

I’m a little faggot who needs to service real mean so I can get off

~ Keep stroking or I will make you cum twice for me.~

I am a little humiliation whore.

~ Keep repeating “I am a little humiliation whore” until you cum.~