Hello, masturbation pet.  I know you’re a little leery about incorporating ass play when you stroke for Me, but I also know that your desire to please Me is stronger than any misgivings.  All you need is a little bit of encouragement, and the reassurance that I only want what’s best for you.

Not only will you probably enjoy the sensation of stimulating your slut spot while you stroke, but you’ll also titillate, arouse, and please Me with both the action. and the obedience it represents.  Enhancing your masturbation sessions, and making Me happy, are what’s best for you.

I’m going to tell you just how I want you to stroke for Me, and how I want you to play with your ass at the same time.  I’m also going to provide you with an affirmation to say to yourself while you do it.  It will help you relax, it will help you submit, and it will give you the feeling that I am right there with you, in your most vulnerable moment.

Get yourself a towel, and lay it down on the bed, the floor, or wherever you intend to self-pleasure.  Grab your favorite lube.  I know some of you prefer to masturbate without lube, but for this affirmation session, you will need some.  Vaseline, olive oil, and lotion are not ideal, but they’ll do in a pinch.

Since you’re new to this, I don’t expect you to have a toy on hand, but luckily, you come with ten toys for penetration in the form of your fingers.

Lay down on the towel, bend your knees, and perhaps pull them back toward your shoulders if you can be comfortable that way.  Then, I want you to stroke that cock until you reach the edge.  Take your hand off of My property, and let the pressure and pleasure recede.  And then, begin stroking once again, slowly this time.

Next, grab the lube with your free hand, drizzle a little puddle on your stomach as a reservoir, and then more down underneath your balls.  Roll two fingers around in the puddle on your stomach until both are well-coated.  Keep stroking that cock.

Now, put one fingertip right in the center of your starfish, and tease it for Me.  You might find it easier to access it by reaching underneath your ass, rather than down between your legs.  And as you pump that cock, gently pulse that fingertip up against your asshole.  Push out with your asshole when you push in with your finger.  Don’t force it, but don’t be a scardey-cat either.  You can always stop and re-lube if you need to do so, and some of you may even find that you crave that second finger.  Give in to that craving, should it arise.

Two to three inches inside the threshold, press up toward your balls.  You will know you have found your slut spot because it will feel sensitive to the touch.  When you find it, a lump about the size of a walnut, press into it, and begin to bend and straighten your finger, as if you are beckoning to someone.  Do it fast.

https://masturbationaffirmation.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/rachel2-300×300.jpg” alt=”Ms Rachel” width=”300″ height=”300″ /> Ms Rachel

Finally, all through diddling and stroking for Me, say this affirmation until you cum:


I will open my ass to Miss Rachel.

I want to belong to Miss Rachel.

I want to give Her every part of me.

Giving myself to Miss Rachel means opening myself to Her will.

I will open my mind.

I will open my ass.

I will surrender my will to Her.

I will surrender my orgasms to Her.

I will surrender my ass to Her.

I am Hers. Therefore, my ass is Hers.

Playing with my ass doesn’t make me gay. It makes me obedient.

I want to obey. I want to surrender.

I love to obey. I love to play with my ass while I stroke my cock.

I love to give myself to Miss Rachel. I love to give my ass to Miss Rachel.

I will open myself to Miss Rachel.

I will open my ass to Miss Rachel.

Good boy.