For those of you who love to worship my beautiful behind 😉

I know you’re staring at my ass. My beautiful luscious bottom is so very hard to ignore. Especially hard for YOU to ignore. In fact you just can’t look away can you? So go ahead.. stare at it my beautiful behind. I WANT you to stare at it. You will become entranced by it, and with it until all you want to do is worship my delectable derriere. Until you can think and dream of nothing but all the ways you want to kiss worship my sweet sexy ass.

Now, I want you to stroke your cock very very slowly with each affirmation.

I am Goddess Alyssa’s Ass Slave

I adore Goddess Alyssa’s beautiful bottom

(Stroking painfully slow, do NOT cum)

I adore Goddess Alyssa

I will obey Goddess Alyssa

I want to be naughty for Goddess Alyssa.

I am Goddess Alyssa’s Ass Slave