When it comes to CFNM humiliation it’s easy for those who love to be a little embarrassed about their vulnerable nakedness to experience a setback and desire to retreat. It’s normal to retreat in times of high stress or upset, and try to push yourself back into what feels like a normal sort of sexuality and lifestyle. If you’ve ever felt like you were weird or odd or abnormal for loving the exposure kink, then you know the twisting desire to be average, and to have an easier time accepting yourself as the freaky little masturbation junkie you are. Let me reassure you that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be seen in every way, and gently mocked for what you are, and what you desire.

Don’t let the voices of mainstream sexual morality hold you back from your CFNM Humiliation dreams!

Harper CFNM Humiliation Mistress 800 601 7259 Never you fear, you funky little wanker you, that your desires make you into a bad person. What we want and desire is a matter for only ourselves to judge, not society or anyone outside of our own heads. Society may say that needing to be humiliated and mocked in order to reach orgasm means you’re a weirdo and freak, but society has clearly never cum so hard their brain melted through their skull. Society could do with a good wank while someone points and giggles, in my opinion. If this is what you want to fantasize about, good for you! Hell, if this is what you want to arrange to have happen between yourself and a few willing friends, party on. Expose yourself to the humiliation of being seen by your lovers, and enjoy a nice cathartic cry while you masturbate to the sound of their laughter!

Let’s say your daydreams and fantasies are a little more tame, for the sake of argument.

Maybe you don’t dream of being exposed and naked in front of a roomful of laughing women, made to masturbate and cry while they all point and laugh at you. Maybe you only want to feel so vulnerable and seen by one specific woman. Perhaps you yearn to be stripped naked, spread open wide before her, and to feel her eyes on you, observing every twitch and jump of your cock as you masturbate at her feet. Do you imagine that she would smile at the sight of you so eager? Does she giggle, when she realizes your dick jumps every time she speaks to you. How badly do you want her to tell you how to masturbate, how to touch yourself? All of these ideas, dreams, and fantasies are perfectly normal and acceptable!

I want you to recite a little CFNM humiliation affirmation for me, whenever you start to feel like denying the truth about yourself.

Whenever the demands of the world start to make you feel like you’re unworthy of having your fantasies fulfilled, or you start to believe the mean things that circle around in your head, just remember this, and say it to yourself. It goes like this:

Dreams and desires don’t hurt other people.
My dreams and fantasies are ok.
What I want is good, and healthy.
I want to be seen.

I want to be seen
While I touch myself
and beg for more
and orgasm for Her.

You can modify your affirmation if you need to, add to it, or elaborate on what you desire. The important part is that you come to accept yourself for having these desires and needs. This is who and what you are. You just want a space to be vulnerable and weak within, to be seen and accepted, and to reach a nearly unimaginably pleasurable orgasm through.

If you’re truly stuck, pick up your phone and call me! I’ll walk you through the unbearable joy of being seen.

Your CFNM Humiliation Mistress, Harper