Stroke your finger!

Stroke your finger!

This affirmation can be done with a cock cage on or without.  I recommend doing it both ways to see which one is more humiliating to you.   First, pull out your phone and set it for five minutes.  You will do this activity at least twice a day, upon waking and going to sleep.  The third can be during your break at lunch if you have the ability to sit in your car for five minutes.

You will first take your middle finger and look at it.  This is going to be your sympathetic cock.  In magic, and you all know I’m a dirty witch, you take an object and make it personify another object.  In this case, it’s going to be your middle finger representing your penis.   Set the alarm, and read the affirmation while you take your thumb and pointer finger and stroke your middle finger.    Remember, your middle finger represents your cock so stroke it accordingly.

Unfortunately, just like your middle finger, there will be absolutely NO CUMMING allowed.  Perhaps, when you get home and speak to me, but not until then.  Have fun and remember, you are not to touch your cock under ANY circumstances!!  Now, set your alarm for five minutes and begin stroking!

I love being in chastity for Mistress.

I ache to be in chastity for Mistress Simone

I love to stroke my middle finger because I can’t stoke my cock.

I always obey Mistress.  She knows what’s best for me.

She has me stroking my middle finger because Mistress knows best.

My middle finger always stays hard so my cock does not have to get hard at all.

I like my cock to be soft for Mistress because it pleases her.

I love to obey Mistress  Simone because it makes her happy.

I stroke my finger for Mistress to make her happy.

I am not allowed to stroke my cock.

A soft cock pleases Mistress Simone

I don’t want to stroke my cock.

Stroking my finger is better than stroking my cock.

I am happy stroking my finger for Mistress.

I love being in chastity.


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