Let’s face it……you play with your penis ALOT and quite frankly you also fritter away many of your irreplaceable hours looking at porn and thinking about wanking., don’t you? Enter an adept chastity Mistress. I will help guide you to a more balanced and fulfilled life that is not about the quantity of of your masturbation, but the quality of those experiences.

If this is a journey you would like to with Me there are some rules, of course. Shave your genitals and place your cock and balls in the device we chose together. Every morning and evening you’ll repeat this affirmation during your period of chastity.

Erotic Phone Entertainer


I don’t have control of my cock

I wanked too much

Mistress put it in a lock

I will be chaste and give my all

Even if it means that I have blue balls.

My life has meaning

I’ve turned a new page

Since Mistress locked my cock in a cage.

You will repeat this mantra in the morning as you’re getting ready and at night before bed. You will be constantly horny, but focused on pleasing Me. You’ll also find that the hours you spent wasting away in Wankersville will be spent in more productive pursuits and make you a better submissive for it.