Cock Locked

Mistress Cassandra

It’s a beautiful day to be in chastity

I know when Mistress releases me I will be able to stroke to her instruction

Chastity is good for me because it trains me to be a better stroker

The chastity cage and I are one

Since I have been in chastity, I no longer compulsively masturbate

My cock gets hard in the cage and I ignore the urge to stroke

When I am free Mistress will tease me and I will release

Masturbation is always better after a sentence in chastity

I love being in chastity for Mistress

Chastity is a beautiful thing

I love the sparkly metal cage and how it feels

Orgasms are secondary to my sexy metal cage

Mistress controls my cock through chastity and I am grateful


Stroking Instructions:

First of all, a metal cage will be ordered via mail. Do not choose overnight delivery, just regular mail. You will be stroking and allowed orgasm until the cage arrives in about a week to ten days. Do not order a custom made cage which can take up to 6 months. Order a ready made cage.

This will be your marathon period, porn viewing, cumming at liberty. All loads will be frozen and used for future training. Add a little water to loads so they freeze.

When you receive a tracking number, taper down masturbation and orgasm to one day. When you see an out for delivery notice, your period of stroking ends.

Shave all of the hair from the pubic area on that day for comfort and convenience.

When the cage arrives, try it on for size and comfort, and call me for lock down and chastity training.

Mistress Cassandra

Chastity Application and Manual: