Chastity is a very personal choice and chastity affirmations can be a great tool for you to use during your journey.  Regardless of how or why you’ve chosen to live a chaste or have chaste periods of time during your journey having a Mistress to guide and support you is the choice for many chastity pets. Chastity journey for you and your Mistress can be both a challenge and rewarding. Just like anything else, there are good times and bad. To help lessen the severity of the bad and augment the bliss of the good times, affirmations are a great way to de-stress, re affirm and focus.

Why Chasity Masturbation Affirmation

Wouldn’t it be easier when in chastity to refrain from any and all sexual thoughts, and activities? For some , perhaps. Chastity masturbation might seem odd to most. But in the absence of intercourse and orgasms there is no real reason to abstain from simply masturbating.  Exploring Mindful Masturbation is a sensual delight and can be combined with an  affirmation.

Creating Your Own Chastity Masturbation Affirmation

Create affirmations which are specific to your challenges, and goals. I enjoy collaborating to create affirmations which address the individual and their goals.

These general affirmations, give you an idea of what a great affirmation can entail. Keep in mind  affirmation rules, being positive, stay in the moment and be focused on one idea or task.

During times of struggle, quieting your mind and refocusing may be needed. An affirmation like this along with the breath training can really get you past a difficult time.

With any affirmation preparation is important too. Help let go of the stress.

Close your eyes, take three cleansing breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, letting your belly rise hold to the count of five and exhale slowly allowing your belly to slowly push the air out of your lungs.

Now begin

I am honorable and patient
I am honoring my word, and will stay chaste today.
I am pleasing Mistress through my denial.

Edging and milking a chaste cock is an excellent way to physically relieve some pressure, for some but is also a bonding ritual. Reaffirming your Mistresses Control over that cock with extreme cock teasing has many rewards. Experiencing other pleasures of the flesh , other than orgasm is something you’ll begin to crave.

My body  can provide many pleasures
I crave to explore with Mistress instructions
All of the pleasures I can experience

Chastity Affirmations Length

I prefer to keep affirmations shorter, more focused for many tasks. They are easier to remember, repeat and in session I like to visualize with you each line. Attribute feelings, sensations to images and colors in  your mind to further explore and allow our minds to accept the lesson there is to learn.

That’s not to say a more lengthy affirmation isn’t desired. There are times and situations that a longer affirmation is required, or desired. The soft melodious voice of your Mistress speaking to your silenced mind is a powerful thing.

I would love to talk with you how affirmations can help you along your journey through chastity. Have you used affirmations before? Even better. Let’s chat.

Affirmation Mistress Erika
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