This mantra is for the Chastity pet who has freely locked away his cock and given his orgasm rights to his Chastity Mistress. Chastity pet should say this daily, at least 10 times when you wake and 10 times before sleep. So, repeat after me…

Mistress Meredith

Mistress Meredith

I am a Chastity pet.

I love having my cock locked.

I should always be in Chastity.

I have devoted my orgasms to my Chastity Mistress.

Mistress knows best.

If I behave, it’s possible I will be rewarded with stroking privileges.

But I know I am in Chastity so I am happy not to stroke.

I want to be a good Chastity pet.

I am happy to be in Chastity.

I am no longer a slave to stroking.

I am a slave to my Mistress, her voice and directions.

I am a Chastity pet.