You deserve a life that is full and rich, with all the happiness and joy that you can stuff into it. So why would you deny yourself any of those little fantasies that make you so happy?! For a lot of folks, sharing that fantasy with an intimate partner is the most terrifying idea, yet, only by sharing your fantasy could it ever come true. Repeat this affirmation daily to help build up the courage to confess your cuckold fantasy to your partner.


I deserve happiness
and sexual bliss
and so does my lover.

The thoughts that pass
every day through my mind
have become old friends.

I daydream of watching
while she fucks
and sucks
another man.

I am consumed by the thought
of her bliss and joy
her orgasm at his hands.

I would watch
by this shared moment.

It builds inside
my heart and soul
the need and desire
to confess all to her.

I want only her joy
only her bliss
only her happiness.

I want her to be free.
I want her to embrace
her sexuality
and blossom.

I will tell her
my fantasies
and desires