This will get you used the idea of playing with and tasting your cum. Very naughty, I know! I want you to say this affirmation out loud and stroke as you repeat these words. Make sure you play with your precum and don’t be afraid to get messy!

Begin squeezing out a drop of precum and rubbing it around the tip of your cock. Get used to the way it feels on your fingers.. wet, sticky and so very very yummy.


Now repeat these words as you rub that sticky cum all over your cock

I am a cum eater….

I want to taste my cum…

I want to eat my cum

(Listen as your cock because slick with your precum and sounds it makes as you stroke)

My mouth waters when I think about eating cum

I am a cum eater

(Now smear some of that pre cum on your lips, and go back to stroking!)

I am a naughty naughty cum eater

I want to eat my cum for Goddess Alyssa

I WILL eat my cum for Goddess Alyssa

(Now lick the precum from your lips)

I love to taste my cum

I want to drink my cum.

I am a cum eater.

Now repeat your affirmation daily when you masturbate and you will be well on your way eating your cum!