It’s hard to accept that sometimes you’re just a total and complete lover of dick. You’re a dick lover. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re  fag, per se, just that you appreciate a nice big cock. An aesthetic appreciation of dick is something to be cherished and cultivated, and if it leads to a more physical appreciation, well, there’s nothing wrong with that. To help you cultivate your own appreciation for the mighty cock, here’s an affirmation that will bring you closer to being a true dick lover.

I am a dick lover
I love dick
dick is perfection.

When I see a dick
I go weak.

I am weak for dick
because dick fascinates
and controls
my life.

I accept that my dick
is in charge.

I accept that his dick
is in charge.

I accept that huge dick
rules the world.

I am a lover of dick;
the shape of a dick
the smell of a dick
the flavor of a dick
all captivates and controls me.

I am a dick lover.
I am a dick lover.
I love dick.