Eat your cum for Me. Eat your cum and it will make you sexier. Eat your cum for me and it will make you hot! Eat your cum for me because pleasing me- pleases you, and you do love to please your Princess Andi.

Cum eating is one of those things everyone has to try. Even though some might squirm and balk at the idea– it is a natural curiosity and  a good curiosity to quench.  I love cum eaters. I love eager cum eaters, reluctant cum eaters, cum eaters from all walks of life. One thing I know for sure is that cum eaters are willing to go for it and clean up after themselves by eating their yummy cummies.  This doesn’t get lost on me.


Princess Andi

Here is what I want you to do. Go to a relaxing space, dim the lights and just edge that dick for me. When your dick leaks, use your fingers to catch it and then lick your fingers.  Hold off on cumming until you have done this 8 times and then cum in your hand and immediately lick your hand clean.

Remember eating your cum for me is hot!