One of the great side effects of edging and short-term orgasm denial is that when you’re finally allowed to have your orgasm, there’ll be so much cum everywhere!  Some guys really like this, so I’ve created a quick mantra for you to repeat while stroking your cock for me and getting yourself closer and closer to orgasm.  This mantra should help you increase both your stamina and your cum output for me.


Ms. Sophia

“Ms. Sophia has been training me to edge myself.

This will increase my stamina and the amount of cum I produce.

I will edge myself ten times for Ms. Sophia, and then I will cum for her.

I will make sure to milk out every drop and not leave anything in my balls.

This will please both Ms. Sophia and me.”

Give it a try!  The more often you repeat it while you stroke, the more powerful the mantra will become!