Stroke for Me!

Stroke for Me!

Here’s a fun cock stroking affirmation for happiness and prosperity.  After all, if you are going to stroke your cock, why not add some magick to your life?   Life is meant to be enjoyed, and pleasure and lust is part of that enjoyment.    First off, think of me sitting next to you in a pitch dark room.  It’s just the two of us, and although you are the one handling your cock, it feels like it’s my fingers stroking you.   Use your opposite hand to enhance that sensation.

Simone loves my powerful cock.

Simone loves to run her fingers over my powerful cock.

I can feel Simone pulling and tugging on My cock and it feels wonderful.

I love it when Simone pulls and tugs on my cock.

I can feel Simone pulling and tugging and blessing my cock.

I am allowing Simone to bless me by stroking me.

Simone is blessing my cock.

Simone is stroking my cock.

Simone wants me to be happy.

Simone is making me cum.


When done, email Me at Simone@enchantrixempire and let me know at which line you had your explosive orgasm.

Happy Stroking!


Mistress Simone