Mistress Harper

One of the most heartbreaking effects of our modern lifestyle is the desiccation and denial of desire. It’s become trivial to deny ourselves the good things in life, all in the name of some whacked out version of morality and purity. I say it’s time to set aside the old, outdated mores of yesteryear and embrace hedonistic lust! Use these affirmations to increase your capacity to embrace lust, desire, and to get in touch with your base human needs.

I am human.
I am messy and imperfect.
I am flawed, and that’s ok.
I have desires and needs.

I am human.
I am filled up with good intentions and bad plans.
I have good days and fantastic nights.
I live my life to the fullest.

I am human.
I embrace all my screwed up lusts.
I love my life.
I deserve good things.

I am human.
I am lustful.
I desire.
I fuck.

Remember that it’s ok to be human! We all make mistakes, that’s how we learn. We all have things we need, things we desire, things we just plain old want. Wanting and desiring is the engine that drives us towards greatness. Lust for the good life inspires us to move forward and make progress. Embrace your lust, your desire, and let it pull you forward into greatness!