Yes, Everyone

Do you really need to be told that everyone masturbates? Last I checked it wasn’t as secret. Just cause your the
one with the dick doesn’t mean anything. Having a dick doesn’t make you special. If it did you
wouldn’t have to be stroking it all the time. Got you there, didn’t I?

Trust me I would rather masturbate then settle for average everyday dick. So I have a special
new affirmation for you next time the urge to stroke your cock emerges. Which we all know
is every day!

Having a dick doesn’t make me special.

I stroke my own dick cause no one else will.

I am a masturbating loser.

My dick is only good at making me cum.

My dick only deserves my hand.

I am a masturbating loser.

Everyone masturbates, loser!


Your Sensual Teasing Mistress, Ms. Riley