You know Women are divine and deserve worship. All Women do period. In fact it takes up much of your spare time thinking and fantasizing about that fact. You look at all the ways we’re different from males; how intelligent, beautiful and mysterious Women are!! It is overwhelming to you sometimes, isn’t it?? There is a part of you that tries to deny that sensation that overtakes you when you think about it. The thought of a strong, dominant Woman taking you for Her own is intoxicating to you.

The following affirmation is geared toward undoing those silly patriarchal values that are still implicitly running your life. You know deep down inside that Women rule the world. Now you need to acknowledge the truth and learn the path to wisdom.


I love Women and know they’re the best

I eagerly await to be put to the test

By a Woman strong and true

Who will tell Me exactly what to do

She is My Goddess and shining light

I look to Her to tell Me what is right

She owns me and I’m Her man

I eagerly await Her command.



Repeat this affirmation upon rising and going to sleep. I also encourage you to read Feminist literature and learn ways in which you can make life better for all Women. If you do these things even if you aren’t owned by a Domme, you will certainly attract the right one through the integrity of your actions. Women Rule Men Drool!!!