Affirmations are useful to help us all come to term with things that are difficult to accept at first. For example, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things that cannot be changed, Courage to change the things which can, and the Wisdom to know the difference,” is a well known short prayer/affirmation that people turn to in difficult times. In the same vein, I present to you my affirmations for accepting your new role within a Female Led Relationship.

Mistress Harper

I recognize that I am not equipped to be the head of my household.
I accept my new place.
I understand that Women are better leaders than I could ever be.

I recognize that I am inferior to Women.
I accept the superiority of all Women.
I understand that I must serve Women.

I recognize the inherent superiority of Women.
I accept that I am inferior.
I understand my new role.

I will obey Women.
I will worship Women.
I will serve Women.

I am an inferior male.
I am not worthy of a Woman’s time or attention.
I am worthless and pathetic.

I recognize a Woman as Head of the household.
I accept my role as servant to the household.
I understand that I must serve and obey Women.

While it can be difficult to come to full terms with a Female Led Relationship, using your mantra every time doubt or some illusion of capacity to lead enters your head will help you come to a more complete acceptance, more quickly. Use your mantra when you first wake up, as well as right before bedtime, and any time you start to question your place in life.