Hello, my lovelies. I simply adore the natural born male who wishes to explore their feminine side. Often, though, even in this day and age many struggle with their thoughts and desires. It does come with a lot of risk, to come out to family and friends and that decision is entirely yours. But here, with me you can be yourself. There is no taboo, no shame or anything to hide. I understand your desires to experience life as a woman. Let me help you feel comfortable, let me help you bring your passions to light. Let’s see how female you can be, every day, in every way while donning your male persona.

First step: Acceptance.
Even if you think you’ve accepted your feminine side, this affirmation helps bring peace and comfort and sets you on a road of wondrous discovery.

This affirmation should be done 3-5 times a day, without any direct sexual stimulation. But if you become aroused, use it, feel it wash over you like a warm blanket, comforting accepting. This affirmation is meant to cleanse your mind of negativity and promote positive thoughts and feelings.

Close your eyes, take three deep cleansing breaths. Breath in though your nose, allowing your abdomen to expand to the count of five, hold it for a moment then exhale and allow your abdomen to sink as you exhale to the count of five.

Feminine is how I feel inside
Feeling feminine is good for me
Becoming more sensual sexual in every way
Every day in every way I listen to Mistress Erika
Every day in every way Mistress Erika helps me to my goals
Every day in every way I become more feminine
Every day I feel more and more accepted
Every day in every way I feel more feminine

I personally love to put my affirmations to some soft music, allow it to take me and my words to a place no one can disturb. When you are ready my sweet, let me know. We’ll go on to our next lesson. I also offer custom audios with this or any affirmation you choose. Keep it fun and keep it legal!

Mistress Erika
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