Hello once again, Masturbation Affirmation enthusiasts! Especially you Fleshlight fuckers out there. I know that you’ve probably been using your Fleshlight simply to please yourselves, but I want you to use it to practice making that cock of yours a good dildo for the women who favor you with their presence in your bed. I want you to practice strokes that, while they will feel very good to you, are designed to give a woman the fucking she desires, first and foremost. I want you to work on increasing your stamina and holding off for as long as you can on draining those balls.  I want you to get used to the idea of putting your pleasure second.

This exercise will work best for those who have an actual Fleshlight, or similar stroke toy. If you don’t have one, and would like to get one, I like this one for a number of reasons, but especially because the opening is a pussy, and will help you get into the right frame of mind. If you don’t have a Fleshlight, you can make one of your own. Just get a paper towel or toilet paper insert, or some other confining receptacle large enough to fit your cock inside. Get a plastic bag, and tuck it down into the cardboard tube. Fold the excess over the edge of the side you’ll be penetrating, and secure it with duct tape or a rubber band.

You will also need two towels, lube, and either a bed that has both a mattress and a box spring, or a couch that has removable cushions. If you have a bed, unfold the towels and lay them one on top of the other.  Take hold of both towels, and slide the width edge of both together between the mattress and the box spring, about halfway. The object is to have enough towel left over so that you can fold one towel up over the mattress, and let the other hang down over the box spring toward the floor. This is simply to absorb any excess lube and avoid staining your mattress, so if you aren’t worried about that, you can forgo this step. If you’re using couch cushions, you can probably figure out how to do the same as above.

Next, lube up your Fleshlight, and slide it in between the mattress and box spring or couch cushions, and between the towels(of course). If the couch cushions aren’t deep enough to allow just the opening of your fucktoy to peep out, sandwich the protruding part between two pillows or more that get you to the correct height. Once your pocket pussy is in place, take out your cock, lube it up, and stroke it a bit to get it hard. Then, slide it in to what I want you to imagine is My very own pretty little pussy. Bottom it out.

The nice thing about this exercise is that no matter what position you’re in, you can print out the following affirmation and put it on the bed in front of you, or on the couch in front of you. That’s what I want you to do as you sloowwwwly let that cock slurp its way out of the Fleshlight until just the head is inside.

The instructions call for you to begin by pulsing just the head in and out for 5 strokes, then thrust that cock all the way in and pump it for five strokes more. Repeat that pattern again and again. Stop when you reach an edge. I want you to edge five times for Me before you even think about letting go.  I’d rather you have a ruined orgasm than cum before five edges, so even if you think you’re too close, stop.

Say the words at a good clip, and thrust at a good clip! The words are pretty rhythmic, so it will help if you say the words with the same rhythm as you pump.  Every second or third round through the affirmation, do your strokes a tiny bit faster. Eventually, you should be able to fuck a tight wet pussy as hard and fast or as slow and grinding as a woman wants, indefinitely!

Believe Me, what’s good for womankind is what’s best for you, so remember that this is for your own good when things get challenging.  *smile*

Ms Rachel



Miss Rachel, Your pussy is creamy and tight,

But I will stay hard and fuck You all night.

Even though my balls are so full,

I will be an obedient bull.

I will not spill my slutty juice.

My cock is a dildo for Your use.

I will not spill My slutty cream.

My purpose in life is to make You scream,

Fuck You until You are satisfied.

Orgasm denial in submission and pride.

Good boy!