Guess what time it is….that’s right it is going to be Summer time! You know what that means, don’t you?? All those sexy painted, pedicured feet will be out for you naughty foot fanatics to drool over and secretly worship when you’re all alone *giggle*. I know it is just IMPOSSIBLE for you not to look at the beautiful gorgeous toes of a lovely woman in sandals, isn’t it?

I wrote this affirmation especially for the men that go nuts over the tootsie toes. You should repeat it whenever you are looking at pictures of feet and find yourself overwhelmed with how turned on you get when you can indulge in your foot fetish.

I’m a foot lover and like to suck toes
I look at feet where ever I go
Red toes, purple ones, and even pink
When I see them I can’t think
I’m so helpless when I see feet
All I want to do is spank my meat.
Sexy painted toes are just delish
Because I’m a perv with a foot fetish.