Welcome to June, and Pride Month! It’s time for you to stop trying to change yourself so that you fit in with what’s expected of you, and instead embrace your true nature and accept yourself for who you are! Pride is all about self acceptance, both of your gender and your sexuality, so what better time for you to stop trying to be an upstanding hetero straight man?! It’s fine if that’s who you really are, but if you’ve ever had an inkling that maybe you’re a little bit gay, a tiny scooch kinky, and not as masculine as your ancestors might have wanted, let’s work together to get you Out and Proud this month! To that end, I have a gender and sexuality acceptance mantra for you to recite every morning after you wake up, and before bed each night!

Self acceptance is hard

enjoy your Gender and Sexuality Acceptance Mantra from Harper 800 601 7259It’s damn difficult to get to where you accept yourself wholly and fully with no reservations. But getting to where you can love and accept yourself like that can take a while! That’s why we use affirmations and mantras to help us out. By repeating an affirmation or mantra we can help our brains replace negative repeated thoughts with more positive ones. When it comes to accepting that our gender and sexuality may not be as mainstream as we were raised to be, mantras are invaluable.

The best time to repeat your mantra is when your conscious mind is a little distracted

It’s best to use your mantra early in the morning, while you’re still waking up, and right before you go to bed, so that your conscious mind has less influence on what you’re retaining in the subconscious. Of course, the second best time to use your mantra is when you remember to actually use it! A mantra is no good to you if you never chant it, so, whenever you think a self critical thought about your gender and sexuality, fire up the mantra and beat that negative thought back into the abyss of self judgment and doubt.

Here’s the gender and sexuality acceptance mantra:

My expression of my gender and sexuality is good.
I am allowed to be who I am.
I want what I want, and that is fine.
There is no moral judgment attached to how I present my gender.
Masculine or feminine or androgynous, I am beautiful.
I am sexy and desirable.
My gender and sexuality is wonderful.
I love my gender.
I love my sexuality.
My very existence is a radical and empowering stance against hatred.
I am badass because I exist.
Everyone I meet today will be blessed and empowered by my fantastic self.

Remember that no matter what sort of gender expression you enjoy, from a masculine presentation to a feminine, or even androgynous look, you are valid and wonderful! If you want to be a sissy and dress up in frilly dresses, or if you’d rather dress in a three piece suit and sharply shined shoes, go for it. Embrace yourself and your gender, and rock on with your badass self! Goodness knows I look fantastic in a nice suit vest and sharp creased pants, and a lot of our beloved denizens look amazing in cute dresses. And as long as your sexuality doesn’t hurt yourself or others, go nuts! Safer sex is the name of the game, but if you want to suck a cock and everyone’s ok with this, drop and lick like the slut you’ve dreamed of being. Or eat a pussy. Either way, your sexuality is wonderful, so embrace it!

This Pride Month, make accepting yourself your highest priority!

And maybe toss some supporting your fellow gender and sexuality explorers, too, if you’ve got the energy left over. Head to your Pride Parade and be your truest self, while raising a defiant and rebellious sissy (or masculine) fist to the establishment. You are wonderful just as you are, and never let anyone tell you otherwise!

Your Gender and Sexuality Acceptance Mistress, Harper

Harper wishes you a happy Pride Month!