It’s very hard sometimes to remember that how you present yourself to the world is just a performance. Your gender is not innate, it’s not connected to what’s between your legs, and nothing actually requires you to act ‘like a man’ or to ‘be a good woman’. There are no rules for gender, so you can be just as swishy and sweet, or butch and lesbian, as you feel like! Here’s an affirmation to help you remember that you can be who you really are.

Mistress Harper

My worth is not a product of my genitals.
Who I am is not defined by what’s in my pants.
I can be authentically myself.

I am worthy in and of myself.
I am powerful – I contain multitudes.
One day I can choose to wear a skirt, the next, a three piece suit.

My clothes adorn my body.
My clothes do not define who I am.
I use clothing to accent my own beauty.

I recognize the power in being free to choose.
I exercise my power when I make my choices.
I choose how to appear to the world.

The world will recognize my personal authority.
Everyone can see how perfectly realized I am.
I am fantastic, in any clothes.

I can cook a meal and wash the dishes.
I can maintain my home and do laundry.
I can change the oil and rotate my own tires.
I am my own person, and gender does not define me.