Goddess Rachel wants to offer you some gooner encouragement! 1-800-356-6169


Do you need gooner encouragement? A bit of gooner affirmation?

Is your favorite pussy to fuck right at the end of your wrist?

Have you been shamed, either by your own thoughts, or by the material you’ve consumed, because of how much you love to stroke?

And I do mean stroke. Surf the edge of orgasm. And never, ever ejaculate.

That is, not until your body just spontaneously decides to evacuate all that accumulated cum upon the slightest touch after god-knows-how-long of trying to stave it off. Trying to forget about it altogether.

That kind of forbearance takes talent, My friend. And commitment.

Have you reached goonspace? If you have, do you wish you could live there?

Are you not sure what goonspace is, but everything else applies?

Well, the bottom line is, I’m not going to shame you. I don’t want to destroy you. I won’t call you a loser, and if you’re not hurting anyone, including yourself, I won’t try to get you to stop gooning, either.

No, from Me, you’re going to get the gooner encouragement you need!


I understand you, even if “they” don’t.


They just don’t understand, do they, those who think there’s something wrong with you because of how much you love to goon, to masturbate to the edge of orgasm, and then surf that edge endlessly while your hand never stops pumping. They think you’re weak of character or constitution, just because you’re weak for certain triggers, and the allure of endless stroking without shooting.

Many don’t understand just how much strength it takes to delay gratification, and to even change what gratification looks like temporarily, for the much bigger payoff if you . . . can just . . . wait . . .

But I do.

That’s why this gooner encouragement is for you.


Responsible gooners deserve gooner encouragement.


You take care of your responsibilities. You’re gainfully employed, and do well at your job, even if you have to consciously compartmentalize and control the drooling anticipation of your next gooning session once in a while.

Maybe you even find time for the gym or a daily run, to keep yourself fit. If it improves the quality of your gooning sessions to be in shape, well, that’s just icing on the cake!

You pay your taxes, squeeze in a little community volunteer work, and spend time with friends.

Hell, you might even have a wife or girlfriend, and if you do, I bet you keep her sexually happy. Let’s face it–long fuck sessions without the need to cum, and the focus to offer true body worship are things you learned from gooning, right?

It’s common for other men to complain about the lack of pussy in their relationship, how stingy their wife or girlfriend is with it. But you never complain, because you’d rather be practicing your form of kinky tantric masturbation anyway.

Why should you feel bad about the little passtime you enjoy by yourself? Some guys play video games for hours. Some guys go to the bar after work, and spend an hour or two having drinks to decompress.

How is your goontime any different?

You’ve been such a good boy. You deserve some gooner encouragement

Click the banner down below, gooner, and hear just how much I approve in erotic audio form!

I believe in you.


Mistress Rachel, Gooner Goddess


P.S.: The audio is designed to give you the option to play it in a loop. *wink*


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