Good morning, loser!
I awaken every morning to rediscover my reality.
Today, just like every other day, I am a loser.
I am worthless.
By knowing my place as a beta male, I inspire women and alpha males to enslave me.
I deserve to be enslaved.
It is my punishment for not being a real man.
It is my lot in life.
I cannot change it.  It defines me.
I embrace it.
I accept it.
I am worthless.
I am now, and always will be, a worthless, pathetic loser.

Mistress Hunter

Mistress Hunter

You will be repeating this affirmation every morning, immediately upon waking, and every evening, immediately before you go to bed.  It will be the first thing you think about and do every morning and the last thing you think about and do before going to bed.  You should repeat the affirmation a minimum of 10 times each morning and each night.

Ideally, you will memorize this affirmation and look yourself in the eye while looking in the mirror and repeating the mantra.  This is especially effective if you are in chastity and are also wearing panties as a reminder of the fact that you aren’t a real man.  This mantra is necessary for losers like you so you don’t start thinking you are better than you really are.  Repeating this affirmation first thing in the morning and last thing before bed will imprint the sentiment on your brain and in your mind.  Even while you sleep, your dreams will remind you of your lot in life.

You are now, and always will be, a worthless, pathetic loser.

~Ms. Hunter