I want you to develop the instinct to kneel. That’s right, when you see a perfect pair of legs, I want your knees to weaken so that you drop to the ground to grovel at her feet, lost in profound worship of her long, shapely legs. From supple ankle to shapely calf, up to that divine thigh, I want you so overcome by the sheer beauty and perfection that there is no other response than to kneel and beg for permission to worship her.

I worship at the altar of my Goddess
kneeling in sublime awe
over Her perfect legs.

I know that I am unworthy,
yet still I kneel
and beg.

Let my Goddess notice my gaze,
and let Her smile upon me!
Her perfection demands my obedience.

There is nothing greater in this world
than Her perfect legs.
I ache to run my lips along Her calves.

To kneel and worship would be my Nirvana.
To kneel before Her and beg, my Heaven.
Nothing moves me more.

I ache to kneel before Her,
to see Her legs spread before me,
Her promised land wet before me,
Her voice urging me on.

I will kneel before my Goddess,
worship and beg for Her Blessing.
I am nothing before Her.