Fantasies and fetishes come in all shapes and sizes. One which is very interesting to me is one of Macrophilia, or shrinking fetish. Just like all fetishes each fetishism fanatic has their own unique spin. Some just enjoy hanging out, doing mundane things with their Giantess. Others like to play sexually, or focus on a female body part for pleasure.  It isn’t quite known how popular this fetish is, but it certainly is one of the more rare fetishes. One that usually cannot be realized in real life. Unless you will settle for a lady just slightly bigger than you, because I don’t think you’ll be finding any 50ft ladies anytime soon! 😉

Whatever your particular needs, it helps to be in the right mindset. Affirmations can help you:
1- Fully accept your desires as very normal
2- Better envision yourself tiny
3- A tool that allows your transformation

Mistress Erika

Ideally your affirmations should be said 3-5 times a day.
But please allow your masturbation affirmation sessions to be someplace private and safe!

Close your eyes, take three cleansing breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, letting your belly rise hold to the count of five and exhale slowly allowing your belly to slowly push the air out of your lungs.

Now begin

With each breath I shrink
With each breath I feel smaller and smaller
With each breath I shrink
With each breath I feel smaller and smaller
I see myself shrinking
I see my surroundings growing large around me
I feel good being small
I want to feel small
I want to please with my small size
I can please with my small size

Since everyone has their own, particulars about what happens when they are small don’t be afraid to email me and ask for your custom affirmation, either written for you, with you and I can do a custom recording for you to listen to as you envision yourself shrinking and being all that a tiny man can be!