I have found that with all the fetishes, I think that sissies have the hardest time accepting themselves for who they are. With all the purging and denial and hiding who you are, it’s time that you begin to accept who you are for what you are. So begin this affirmation with me. I prefer that you are dressed up in the feminine clothes you like to wear but definitely be wearing lipstick so that when you are facing yourself in the mirror, you know who you are looking at.

Spoiled Angelica

I was born to be feminine.
I am a sissy, and I’m going to be a good one for Angelica.
I’m a lipstick wearing girl.
I am a sissy.
A sissy is what I am.
I’ve never been a real man, nor will I ever be.
I am a sissy
I was meant to be a girl.
Girls are made of lipstick and panties and lace.
I am a girl.
I was not meant to be a man
I know this deep inside.
I was born to be feminine.
I was born to be girly.
I was meant to be as feminine as possible.
I am a girl.

Say this at least three times everyday for a week and let me know how it is working for you.  If you do this affirmation over and over again, you will feel differently over time. Also, make sure you are always dressed up while saying these affirmations everyday. I guarantee you will feel different, and I’d love to hear all about it from you.