It can be difficult to accept that a little skin on skin touching is a good thing. Our society and culture is so closed off and seemingly touch phobic, and that can lead to a lot of mental and emotional issues. I want you to get to where you can accept that it’s ok to touch yourself. And especially accept that it’s ok to touch in a non-sexual way.


Touch is good
and essential
and perfectly good for me.

I accept that I can touch
all of myself
from head to toe
without shame.

When I gently stroke
across my skin
I can feel
deeply intimate
myself with myself.

My skin is a part of me
and I love the sensuality
of touch
the delicious grace
of moving my hand.

This life is short
I accept that pleasure
is my birthright
in all its forms.

Gentle touches
and strokes
along all of my body
are good for my health.

I will touch myself
all of myself
from cock to nipples and back
to affirm my worth
and chase pleasure.

Touch is my right
touch is my pleasure
touch is good
I love to touch