There’s nothing wrong with masturbation. But did you know that it can also good for your health?

  • Masturbation can be both a preventative measure and a health enhancer, if done correctly.
  • Masturbation can be a form of mild exercise, as it raises your heart rate.
  • Masturbation can be a stress reliever, especially if you’re allowed to cum!
  • Masturbation can help stave off erectile dysfunction (use it or lose it).
  • The pleasure of masturbation is a natural mood elevator.
  • Ejaculation aids in prostate health.

All of these are true! Feel free to Google for confirmation, but hopefully you realize that your Mistress Rachel would never steer you wrong!

Sometimes a masturbator needs assistance in masturbating for optimal benefit, but that’s what your Masturbatrix, Mistress Rachel, is here for.

Let Me assist you with some proper masturbation tips:

  • Of course, with everything, moderation is key. Moderation is also subjective.
  • Use a bit of lube to prevent chafing
  • Have a towel for cleanup
  • Avoid death-grip
  • Open your mind to other erogenous zones and assistive devices
  • Stroke to your heart’s content!

Here’s an affirmation you can use to encourage you when the puritanical messages of society get in the way:

Masturbation is good for my health.

Masturbation is good for my heart.

Masturbation is good for my mind.

Masturbation is good for my spirit.

Masturbation keeps my erections strong.

Masturbation helps me sleep.

Masturbation keeps my prostate clean.

Masturbation is good for my health.