Ms Lena

Welcome to a place where masturbation is not only accepted but encouraged. I want you to release all your inhibitions, as we begin a journey today in pleasuring the body. As you make yourself comfortable, any and all reservations about giving self-pleasure should be cleared from your mind. Think about how wonderful it feels to strip off layers of stess, as your clothes hit the floor!

Your bed should be arranged with pillows to prop yourself up and feel supported. Lie back and apply the lubricant of your choice. As you apply the lubricant, repeat this phrase, ” I am here to indulge in the ultimate pleasure of my body.”
I want you to begin stroking with your non-dominant hand first, to discourage rushing of strokes. Keep the pace even and slow. Slowly stroke for a minimum of five minutes, noticing how your cock begins to stiffen.

While masturbating in this deliberate , mindful way repeat this phrase, “Masturbation is the most primal expression of my sexuality.” Feel the tingling inside your balls , as they begin to fill with sperm. Notice whether you have reached maximum hardness or if you are beginning to drip precum. Switch to your dominant hand now and speed up the stroking of your cock. Squeeze your fist around the shaft and alternate between stroking the whole shaft and head.

Bring yourself close to orgasm and stop stroking for one minute a total of three times.When you feel the orgasm welling up in your balls thhe fourth time, repeat this phrase, “My orgasms become more powerful the longer I stroke”.Focus on the pleasure about to be released as you begin to spurt cum. Milk your cock completely so that your balls are empty. Now , breathe deeply and head off to the shower!