Not every masturbation session has to involve the kind of marathon edging we mistresses specialize in. Sometimes you only have time for a quick jerk so you can stop thinking about sex and get on with your day. That damn cock has a funny way of interfering with your ability to focus, so a five-minute break to beat your meat is well-spent! Just make sure it’s only a few minutes and you only need relief once in a while…well, at least no more than once a day. I don’t want you using dick distraction as a reason for multiple masturbation sessions – that utterly defeats the purpose!

Ms. Claire of

To this end, I’ve got a particularly efficient stroke for you to try. Using just two fingers and thumb, shuffle them over the head of your cock. No need to involve anything above the wrist, and if you’re doing this right, your hand should be a bit of a blur. This technique hyper-stimulates the ridge around the head and get you to the finish line expediently. Now choose a line to repeat while you’re doing the deed.

I can’t think straight, my cock won’t wait.

I need to jerk so I can work.

A quick flick relieves my dick.

Two fingers and a thumb will make me cum.

Stroke it fast, no need to last.

Feels so good, like mistress said it would.