I know that you already are aware of exactly what your role is. You’re Mistress’ Bitch. You exist to please your Mistress, to do everything that she commands, and you do your best to anticipate Her needs and leap to meet them. But sometimes you backslide, don’t you… you start to think about rising above your place and stepping over your bounds, and that’s a problem. Let’s work on that, shall we?

I am Mistress’ Bitch.

She calls me Bitch,
and I know it’s true.
I’m Her Bitch.

I belong on my knees
this is what I deserve
and I’m lucky She knows it too.

When I try to act out
She corrects me.
I accept my correction gratefully.

I deserve Her punishment
when I overstep.
I know my place.

My Mistress’ every need
is my duty to fulfill.

To fail in my duty
is to fail in my life.
I am worthless
but find worth through Her.

I am Mistress’ Bitch.
I am grateful that She has accepted
all that I am
and all that I could be
and all that I do for Her.

I am Mistress’ Bitch.