There is nothing better in the world than a good long erotic teasing meditation while you wank! I know that might be difficult to imagine so let me paint you a picture with words. When your inner monologue just won’t shut up long enough for you to de-stress or relax, it’s time to deploy countermeasures and give your brain something to chew on. Using a mantra or affirmation is a great way to interrupt unwanted thoughts and habits of mood, and it can also give you the mental fortitude to go ahead and meditate while you wank off. Use an erotic tease mantra to keep yourself focused on what really matters: endless sexual pleasure!

Stress can lower your libido, but you can combat that with a mantra!

Erotic Teasing Meditation with Harper 800 601 7259 When you’re too stressed to masturbate, you know you’re in a bad way. Luckily, there is a way to work around your brain’s tendency to hyper-focus and obsess over whatever it is that’s got you stressed. Shortcut around your endless obsessive thoughts by deliberately using a mantra to distract your conscious mind. If the endless thoughts on loop in your head are all about how you have a deadline and need to get work done, and there’s no time to lose, you have to focus… eventually you’re just going to implode from the pressure. It’s healthy and normal to want and need an outlet for all that stress, and a little mental vacation can be just the ticket. Replace those racing repeat thoughts with something much nicer and way more fun with some erotic teasing trance and meditation!

You can make your own stress relief and teasing meditation.

The easiest way to make a stress relief meditation or mantra is to focus on one or two main ideas, and then brainstorm for a bit on themes around that idea. For example, if you want to think about erotic pleasure as a means to distract your mind from work, then you’ll focus on how nice it feels to take a break, and you’ll want to reaffirm for yourself both consciously and unconsciously that taking a break from stress is good for you and that you’re not a bad person for taking five minutes to relax. You see, a big part of why your brain is stuck on a stress loop is unconscious assumptions around what you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing. There’s a huge habit of endless productivity and work without taking breaks that is both unspoken in the workplace and subtly reinforced through managerial tactics. Breaking free of that “must work all the time” mindset can take both deliberate action and also self-reassurance. Replacing those intrusive thoughts about work with something sensual and erotically teasing both increases your pleasure and reduces your stress!

Try this erotic teasing meditation next time you need a few minutes of relief:

I love to touch myself, and masturbation feels so good. I deserve a break. I need this moment, to touch, and affirm my physical pleasures and health. This is vital to my well-being, and so I will take the time I need to ensure my own happiness. When I take the time to care for myself and to ensure my own pleasure and well-being, I am happy.

My pleasure is vital. Without pleasure, there is no real meaning in my life. The joy of existence lies in affirming my right to rest, my right to breathe, my right to be here with no pressure and no obligation. I will reach for joy and pleasure and life in everything that I do.

I have the right to pleasure.
I have the right to joy.
I have the right to rest.
I have the right to pause and breathe.
I will breathe.
I will rest.
I will seek joy.
I will seek pleasure.

Take a moment every day, to reaffirm your right to exist without needing to be endlessly productive.

Too much stress erodes the joy in life, and I want you to be joyful! If that means taking a moment each day to masturbate, to edge yourself, to stroke and touch and feel exactly how much joy there is in being alive? Do it. Find the things that make you feel alive and do those things. Do them on purpose, with mindfulness, and seek out all the joy and pleasure you possibly can. And if you get stuck, you can always call and ask for a guided meditation masturbation session. I’d love to help you out with some erotic teasing meditation work.

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