Have you ever tried doing a masturbation affirmation before? Where did you learn them? I am very familiar with meditation and affirmations and want to impart my wisdom to you, a gift we both share in unison.

Why Have a Masturbation Affirmation?

Perhaps you have never done affirmations before. Or maybe you have and are looking for some new ones, ones that relate to your sexuality. Some folks want to improve their sex lives, others want to offer loving-kindness to their bodies that are changing as they age. Maybe you are someone who watches porn and are ashamed, needing to readjust your thoughts about whether porn is a good or a bad thing. Maybe you were taught that masturbation itself isn’t a healthy activity and now that you are older, and wiser, you know better, but need to quiet those voices inside trying to tell you otherwise.

Any and all of these are possible affirmations for you to do. And I am here to help you find the ones that are perfect for you.

Finding Your Own Affirmations

What’s so beautiful is you do not have to grasp at random ideas that float through your head. Well, you can, but that can take more time than working with someone who has created and done affirmations for decades. They have helped me in innumerable ways, from stopping bad habits to helping me start new books. If they can help me, I know they can help you, too.

When we talk with each other, I will learn what it is you are looking for. Are you wanting an affirmation to use as you look in the mirror? These can be fantastic when you are working on self-esteem issues. Looking yourself in the eye as you would a lover can bring great peace for a heart that is troubled.

Perhaps you want an affirmation that you would say as you prepare to masturbate. It can be done as a ritual, something you do each time you are going to make love to yourself. Clearly, this kind of mantra or thought process is for someone wanting a deeper relationship with themselves. Is this you? Are you wanting to hear your sensuality affirmed through mantras?

Now You Declare the Affirmations

“Declare” seems an odd word, doesn’t it? But with affirmations, you speak as if the intention is already true. Your repetition brings the manifestation of reality into your life. This might sound all woo woo to you, but all it means is: To Think Is to Create. You speak intentions into the Universe and He/She/They/It gives it to you.

How exactly do you do that?

I already mentioned looking in the mirror, repeating your affirmations there. In fact, a lot of people write some on the mirror so every time they look in the mirror, the intention is reiterated, even if subliminally. I understand you might not be able to write “Masturbation is Healthy” somewhere obvious unless you live alone and no one will see your things, but if you have to keep privacy, there are ways to do the repetitions.

Some people record themselves saying their mantra several times and then, when they are alone in the car, play it and speak along with it. You might say, “I love my cock,” then pause so you can say it out loud. Repeat, “I love my cock,” and repeat the phrase once again.

Creating Your Own Masturbation Affirmation

These are just examples and again, we will come up with specific affirmations just for you and your needs. You can, of course, come up with your own affirmations and I would love to see some in the comments. I am asking you to create two masturbation affirmations and leave them in the comments. I know you can be as creative as I can and what’s great is you know you even better than I would talking to you. I encourage you to step forward and do something wonderful for yourself.

Masturbate with pride and self-love!

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