A very hard lesson for each of us to learn is to ask for what we want. We’ve all come from a society and culture that works very hard to teach us as young people not to ask for things; we’re supposed to be self sufficient, islands unto ourselves, without any need for other people. Especially in America, the myth of the self contained person who thrives without needing assistance from anyone else is the ultimate end goal. But that myth is just that: a myth. No one can possibly survive without help from others, and we all have needs that must be met by those around us. So here’s a set of mantras for you to use when you’re feeling as though you just can’t ask for what you want and need.

I know that it’s ok to need
and it’s ok to want.

I am filled up with needs
and lusts
and things that I yearn after.

I accept my lust,
and my need.
I need. I lust.

I know that my lust cannot be mine alone.

I can reach out to others
in vulnerability and need.

I will reach out to the people around me
and let them know how they can help me.
I will open myself to my lust.

I will open myself to my lust.
I will reach beyond my loneliness
and ask for what I want.

Only by asking can my need be met.
Only by asking can my need be met.

I will ask for what I need.