Greetings, My edgepets! Miss Rachel is bringing you a simple orgasm edging exercise today, simple because it involves a rhyme, with numbers. Many boys find that a simple rhyme is easier on their concentration, especially when so much circulation is diverted from their big head to the little one. After a while you’ll hopefully be able to memorize it so that you can lay back, close your eyes, and just concentrate on keeping that cum down in those balls where it belongs!

Now, find your favorite masturbation spot, bring your lube and a hand towel for cleanup, get comfortable, and get ready to edge for Me! Your mantra is as follows:

One, two, three, four

I will edge and edge some more.

Five, six, seven, eight

How I love to masturbate!

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve,

Deep in subspace I will delve,

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

Endless edge for stroking hygiene

Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty

One orgasm per month is plenty!

Not too hard, right edge pet? Now start all over again! You can vary the speed of your strokes along with the speed of your recitation, but start out with one stroke per word (approximately). One word is a stroke up and over the head, the next is the stroke down to the base.

Make sense?

If you’re an inexperienced edger, I don’t expect you to do more than five rounds at first, as long as you give Me at least one edge! I’ll even benevolently let you cum after that one edge the first time, but keep in mind, you are expected to build your stamina, so if you cum after one edge in future sessions, I will be very disappointed! You may need some personalized training if your stamina doesn’t improve over a week of daily practice, in which case you should of course arrange for a session.

For you experienced edge pets, you can go on indefinitely! The mantra is factual, after all, and includes an implied goal: One orgasm per month is plenty! Remember, there’s no medical reason you need to ejaculate, as long as you keep your prostate milked! You experienced edge pets may also want to incorporate a Fleshlight or other stroke toy, or maybe even a sex doll to fuck as you practice. Perhaps including your favorite porn (with the sound off, of course) is another way to kick up the difficulty of this simple exercise even more!

What ever your method or experience level, I think W/e can all agree that edging for your Mistress is its own reward!

Good luck, and enjoy!