Mistress Harper

It’s very useful to resort to a mantra or set of affirmations whenever you feel anxious or filled with shame. In life, there’s more to worry about than what other people think about you, or think about your sex life. Use these affirmations in sequence or as standalone mantras whenever you feel the demons of shame and guilt pecking away at you.

I am fabulous, fantastic, and amazing.
I rock these panties.

I know when I look in the mirror that I am beautiful.
Haters to the left.

My pretty panties make me feel so sexy.
I love my panties.

I could choose to wear boxers, but my panties are more comfortable.
Plus I look fierce!

I value myself enough to pamper myself.
Panties are pampering.

I don’t care what anyone says about my panties.
My panties look so cute.

I love the way my ass looks in my panties.
I won’t judge myself for my panties.

I am fantastic in panties.
Panties make me more confident.

My panties are sexy.
I am sexy in panties.

Pantie wearing folks: never feel shame or guilt over your panties, and please don’t purge them! Save the panties, you look fantastic in them. Wear your panties with pride, and flaunt them when you’re feeling low. Pantie Pride!