I’m a pencil dick loser who loves to be humiliated.

(Look at yourself in the mirror)

My pathetic cock is not average. I’m well below average.

(make tiny dick sign to yourself)

I’m a pencil dick loser not good enough to penetrate a woman.

(slowly begin to stroke)

I can barely look a beautiful woman in the eye because I know that SHE KNOWS that I have a tiny pathetic dick.

Ms. Audrey knows you are a pencil dick loser!

(stop and look at your tiny dick in the mirror)

I’m only good for being a little pencil dick cock sucker. I’m only good for taking care of real men.

(stroke a little faster)

I’m a little shrimpy.

I’m a Girly Girl.

I’m your little clean up man.

I’m a big pussy.

(stroke in time to your chanting)

I have a tiny raisin hanging between my legs.

You need a magnifying glass to see my pathetic pencil dick.

Just know YOU KNOW makes me SO hard!

(begin stroking faster and faster until you come while repeating:)

I’m a pathetic pencil dick loser.