Imagine being caught in the snare of a beautiful goddess that has the power to shrink you with with just a look… As you read these I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself shrinking as you stroke!

Stare into my beautiful blue eyes. Getting lost in my stare, enchanted by my quiet beauty and dominant nature.

It all starts with a tingling sensation in your cock. You feel compelled to stroke and stroke you must my pet. As you stroke your cock that lovely tingling begins to spread throughout your entire body. The more you stroke the more delightful the tingling feels. You know now that there no stopping for you. You are helpless to KEEP STROKING NO MATTER WHAT.

As you begin to stroke you will begin to shrink.

The more you stroke while trapped my lovely gaze the smaller you will shrink.

You. Are. Shrinking.

Getting smaller as the world around you grows bigger. The smaller you are the more helpless you become, but you know that no matter what YOU MUST KEEP STROKING.

You are now only half the size you were before and still shrinking…

Stroking and shrinking.. stroking and shrinking

Watching my luscious body grow bigger as your body gets smaller and smaller.

Seeing the pretty smile on my face growing larger as you continue to shrink.

That’s it…. keep stroking and shrinking… smaller… and smaller


You are now only about 10 inches tall and still shrinking and stroking


Shrinking and stroking..  getting smaller and smaller and smaller

You can now fit in the palm of my hand.

Now you are just the perfect size to serve me perfectly!