It can be hard to admit when we need help. And sissies have it extra hard, because not only have they been stuck with patriarchal ideas about weakness around asking for help, they’re also trying to make it in a world they have no experience or education in! All these lovely frilly girly things, and these poor dears have no idea what to do first, or even where to look for help, and then they’re also often ashamed to ask for help. That’s where this affirmation comes in. Repeat as needed, anytime you feel ashamed about needing a helping hand.

I am a sissy
even when I feel so masculine.
I’m a sissy.

It’s hard to ask
but I need help
and that’s ok

I know I need help
because the world of women is mysterious.

Makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow
and foundation

Beachy curls and setting spray
ombre looks with bobby pins
and asymmetric pixie cuts.

A line, princess cut,
draped fabric
handkerchief hems.

There is no shame in not knowing these things
there is no shame
there is no shame for not being as good as a woman
there is no shame here.

I can ask for help.
there is no shame
I can ask for help from genetic girls.
they will help me.

Learning requires mistakes
mistakes lead to greater understanding
my mistakes are good things
they mean I’m trying

there is no shame here
I will ask for help
I can ask for help.

I am a sissy
I will ask my sisters for help
with makeup and dresses and hair.

I can be a fabulous sissy
I can ask for help
there is no shame here.