This mantra is for my sissy bitches. you know who you are, my lovelies. And if you are not sure, you can recite this twice a day in front of the mirror and I know in no time you will be my sissy! But you must be prepared. I want you in panties and some sweet bubble gum pink lip gloss applied to those sissy lips. you must be tucked, with no trace of any boy stuff between your legs. Now you may begin!

Mistress Meredith

The Sexy Truth

Mistress Meredith is my Dominate

I am her submissive

I want to make her happy,

I want to be her sissy.

I submit to wearing all my lingerie,

Go all enfemme as much as possible

Be a bitch for Mistresses girlfriends and male friends .

Cum one cum all

Upon my face,

I am slutty sissy

I will be obedient to Mistress

She guides my inner fems,

Come out, cum out,

I can never stroke, I can only rub,

To call it a dick is only a joke

I don’t have a cock, I have a clitty

I am Mistress Meredith’s sissy.


Very good, sissy! Now, I want you to say this 2 times a day in front of your mirror. Once when you get up, and once before bed. you will say it 10 times, each time. Slowly and deliberatly. you will also write it down on an index card and any free time you have, you will recite it to yourself. you will memorize it and say it verbatum on a call with me. Do this for the next 2 weeks and then we will see what a good sissy you are!