Sissy Panty Affirmation

Sissies and panties go together like, well a Summer’s day and thong sanals, In fact I would go further to say that you probably want your clitty covered in panties all the time by now don’t you? I don’t blame you……guy undies are icky and they just don’t look any where as beautiful as a pair of sexy lacy pink panties, do they?

The following affirmations are for those that would describe themselves as panty aficionados. You know who you are *giggle*. I think it is high time you just get rid of all those icky guy undies and build your sissy panty perfection collection.


Panty Affirmation

I am a sissy, yes it is true

I love panties in every hue

Black ones, red ones, and especially pink

I need MORE panties to fulfill my kink

Cheekies, thongs, and Brazilian cut

Wearing these makes me a sissy slut

I’ll lock up my clitty and throw away the keys

And always keep it covered in pink panties!!

Say this affirmation morning and night and you’ll be well on your way to being a permanent panty slut.