My life is centered on kink and sexual excitement.

I dream of a sissy transformation led by my Mistress.

The more I obey my Mistress, my inner-sissy will become freer.

This is what I want and I shall savor each moment of this important change within me.

Dressing for pleasure calms my mind and allows me to feel more true to myself.

En femme, I am weak, docile and open to my Mistress’s suggestions.

I never imagined I could be so beautiful.

I will make this thrilling experience last forever!


Mistress Cindy

Your world is full of eroticism, kinkiness and sexual excitement yet something is missing.  Fulfilling your desperate aspirations of becoming a sissy is what you want, is it not?  It’s what you dream about so often.  The more you obey your Mistress the more you will let the inner-sissy within be exposed.

This is what you’s what she wants.

You will experience and savor the moments in time of transforming into a sissy.  It will not only ultimately shape who you are (who she is) but prepare you (her) for the next exciting step of becoming completely feminized.

Wearing shiny satin, frilly fabric, and silk lace comforts you and eases your anxiousness…just imagine how each fabric feels against your skin.

Feeling aroused and submissive en femme and looking pretty leaves you docile and open to suggestion.

You never imagined you would be staring at yourself dressed so beautifully.  Who could have predicted or comprehended how exciting this moment would be for you.

Beneath the sparkly pink dress and underneath your satin frilly panties your cock throbs harder and more excited as ever with this thrilling experience you wish could last forever…well it can: